The War that Changed Us

To commemorate the 100 years since WWI, the ABC commissioned a TV series depicting the lives of a number of Australians during WWI. Much of the events were recorded from their personal diaries and then re-enacted for this series. The series was filmed in Perth Western Australia. I was lucky enough to score a very small acting role and spend a day on set. It was the biggest project I had been on it was an exciting experience to be involved in such a large scale production. They filmed a lot of it down at an old army base just past Fremantle. It was a huge production, with marquees for cast and crew to eat meals; fully catered hot buffet lunch prepared by a number of on-set chefs; a couple of portables with several full-time make-up artists, a huge building just for hanging all of the soldiers uniforms…

I got to play the role of an injured German soldier. I shaved off my goatie/beard for the role, just leaving a moustache. I was in two scenes: In one of them I was lying in a hospital bed while a nurse came over and checked my shoulder wound and the other scene was my lying on my stomach with my shirt ripped open while a nurse was surgically removing a bullet from of my back. I had to pretend that I was only half sedated and grimace throughout the procedure. I got to meet lots of other actors, and most notably share a change room and have a chat with Myles Pollard, yes ladies, the guy from McClouds Daughters 🙂

The Gift

I was privileged to be involved in this great little film project that won “Best International Film” at the 168 Film Festival in LA this year. 2017 (15th Annual Festival)

Max Milford

Max Milford is a delusional infomercial presenter who is promoting his ridiculous Memory-Max Pro CD training series. The CD training series helps people to remember names, places and other things better than a normal brain should. However Max is very forgetful in his own life and is completely unaware of it.

Jump Into Film Making – HOPPER

You will never have everything just right, the right budget, A-list actors, a perfect script, the best equipment, a perfect set location. You might only have a few friends and a junk room.

Lake of Fire

I played a very small role in this award winning short film. I was the policemen who had to transport the prisoners. Directed by Andrew Thorn.

Hayfever Rap Song

Having been a Hay fever sufferer for as long as I can remember, I have had plenty of time to think about all of the annoying situations and scenarios it causes. It can make your eyes look red and puffy like you are…

168 Film Festival Script Entry

My script “THIRTY DOLLARS” made it into the semi-finals in the 168film festival’s Write of Passage script writing competition.

Changes the movie

My role in this film was that of a racist, Australian barber (hairdresser). It was a scene that was intended to provide some comedic relief…

Above: Screenshots/photos, not video.