About Heath

Heath is a versatile and creative actor who has spent the last few years in Western Australia honing his skills and gaining experience on film sets of all levels. Heath is equally at ease playing a family man, a hardened biker or an eccentric conspiracy theorist. He revels in gritty roles and opportunities to demonstrate comedic and engagingly quirky personas. Heath has had experience in multiple aspects of filmmaking, from presenting and voice-overs, to writing, acting and editing.

Acting Experience and Training



  • “Mission Incontinence” 2022 Short Film (Electric Eye Pictures) Support: Pharmacist. Directed by Andrew Thorn
  • “Transition”, 2017 comedy sketch. (Lot 3 Media) Support: Coach. Directed by Brian Hennings.
  • “At the Grand Prix”, 2017 comedy sketch. (Lot 3 Media) Support: Zach. Directed by Brian Hennings.
  • Max Milford“, 2017 comedy pilot. (Aurora 7 Entertainment Production) Lead: Max Milford. Directed by Nate Strider-Knight.
  • “Savage”, 2016. (Curtin Uni Masters Production) Minor: Landlord. Directed by Rachel Fitzgerald.
  • The Gift“, 2017. (Independent short) Support: Aaron. Directed by Andrew Matthews
  • “Road to Freedom”, 2016. (Independent short) Co-lead role: Roderick. Directed by Morgan Munro;
  • “Dead-End Job”, 2015. (Independent short) Lead role: Jerry. Directed by Daniel Hu;
  • “HOPPER”, 2015 (Lead role of Hopper; I also wrote the script). Directed by Stuart Shepherd;
  • “Secret Sound”, 2015 (part of an independent, comedy web series) Lead role. Directed by Jack Iemmolo;
  • “The Cube”, 2015 (A Murdoch Short) Lead role. Directed by Mitchell Tinley;
  • La Chienne Francaise“, 2015 (Short) Minor role: Shaving man on train. Jordon Prince-Wright;
  • “Sandy Bay” (Television Series Pilot), 2015. SB Productions. Role: Jeremy the Inspector, Perth.
  • “Changes” (Feature Film), 2014. Role: Aussie Barber. Directed by Gabriel Gomado. (In post production)
  • “CASE Refugee”, 2014 (Short) role: Presenter. Director: Faran Saberi
  • “Left Behind”, 2014 (Short) Supporting role: Joe. Director: Brenton Cooney
  • “The Ralph Files”, 2014 (Short) Lead role: Ralph. Director: Braden Scott. ECU
  • “Lake of Fire”, 2014 (Short) Minor role: Constable Thomas. Inner Sanctum Pictures. Director: Andrew Thorn.
  • “Sojourn” (Short), 2014. Supporting Role: Sports Doctor. Director Ben Harris; Perth, W
  • “Hospital for All” (Short), 2014. Lead Role: Hospital Warden. Director: Jordon Prince-Wright;
  • “Visitation” (Short), 2014. Supporting Role: 1970’s Policeman. Director: Taylor Bates, Tally Entertainment; WA
  • “Stuck” (Short), 2014. Role: Extra, Father flying kite with son. Director: Aaron Kamp. Small Voice Films, WA
  • “Reflection”, 2013. Speaking Role: Audition Judge. Director: Nattida Caird. WA
  • Daze of Innocence” (Short), 2013. Speaking Role: Sgt Lee (Soldier). Director: Yasteel Madanjitd. Steelwolfe Productions, WA
  • Never Too Late“(Short), 2013. Role: Production Assistant. Director: Aaron Kamp. Small Voice Films, WA
  • “The War That Changed Us”, 2013 (ABC TV Mini Series / Documentary Drama, Electric Pictures) Minor role: Injured soldier. Directed by Don Featherstone.
  • “Supercheap Auto Competition Video”, 2014. (2 Roles) 1. Father; 2. Voice Over. Director: Simon Thuijs. Perth
  • “RISE”, 2013. Role: Driving Instructor. Director: Georgia Raven. Silverstone Productions, WA
  • “Shoplifting, A Documentary”. Role: Narration Voice Over. Director, Yousuf Ghouri. WA

Music Videos:

 Voice Overs:

Acting Classes:

  • “Introduction to Acting”, The Perth Film Network : Debbie Thoy, Perth, WA.
  • “Introduction to Screen Acting” (7 weeks), Frog Management : Perth, WA.

Heath’s script, “THIRTY DOLLARS” was a semi-finalist in the 168film festival’s Write of Passage script writing competition.
For more details, please visit Heath’s StarNow profile page to view acting experience and details.


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